Small Business Talk Show on Facebook Live

Small Business Talk Show Port Orange FLCheryl Henchar, the founder of Cheryl’s Creative Small Business Talk Show utilizing Facebook Live has the passion for marketing to educate, grow and network with small and medium size businesses.  Cheryl’s specialties include the following Public Speaking, Branding with Direct Mail, Email Marketing and LinkedIn Training Sessions.

Cheryl’s mission is all about building trust and nurturing business relationships within the local community.  The goal of starting Cheryl’s Creative Small Business Talk is for local entrepreneurs to share their story about their business and be an inspiration to others. They may talk the peaks and valleys of owning your own business. Sharing success stories and why are they doing what they are doing.  The format of the show will be very similar to a TV show. Cheryl will be the host and there will be a co-host and local entrepreneur.  The objective of hosting weekly shows is to create brand awareness for local businesses and build community relationships.

If you are a local business owner in the Volusia County Florida area and would like to be guest on the show. Please send an email to

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