The Values of Email Marketing for Your Organization

How do you currently communicate with your clients, customers and prospects on a regular basis? Over 50% of consumers open their emails on a mobile device. Using a professional email integrated online professional provider provides the following benefits for your organization,  clients, customers and prospects.

Why use email marketing as a marketing tool for your business?

  1. Email creates brand awareness
  2. Enhances revenue and profit
  3. Generates repeat business

Here are the advantages:

  • Provides consistent branding for your organization
  • Provides educational tips and valuable information for consumers
  • Consistent communication with Customers, Clients and Prospects
  • Segmented list to targeted audiences
  • Protection with Email Spamming Laws
  • Review Open Clicks on Your Links Management and Measuring
  • Quantitative Reporting

Here are the disadvantages: 

  • No cohesive branding with logos and pictures
  • Potential SPAM complaints
  • Unable to track email results
  • Inadequate analytical reporting
  • Limited how many emails can be sent out at once
  • Not able to segment lists to targeted audiences
  • Unable to control formatting