The Importance of Having a LinkedIn Profile


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LinkedIn™ is a robust tool for networking and building connections with over 450 million members. The power of meet and greets is a key component in building relationships and developing trust. It provides opportunities for individuals to create a storyboard, which is completely diverse from a traditional resume. People can expand upon their work experiences, skill sets, award recognitions and accomplishments in a professional career. Crafting a clear concise profile illustrates your reputation and brand image.

LinkedIn™ has a special platform called LinkedIn™University. It’s geared towards high school and college students in having similar opportunities to capitalize in utilizing LinkedIn™ for internships and towards their professional career  path. A student storyboard would be a little more unique. Students will have the ability to showcase written essays, Power Point presentations, volunteer and work experiences. LinkedIn™ provides students the opportunity to meet other students when attending college.


LinkedIn Educational Training Sessions

2 Hour  Sessions Available

Cheryl’s Creative Services provides individual and small group training sessions for professional people, college alumni’s, college and high school students. Training sessions are customized to individual levels. Enhance your learning with the new LinkedIn™ Platform.  Microsoft™ purchased LinkedIn™ in December 2016.  There are various new bells and whistles to learn about. Unfortunately some functions will no longer be available in the new interface system.

  • Rejuvenate or generate professional summary portraying a storybook of your accomplishments and skill sets illustrating how you are unique from other individuals
  • Learn the benefits of joining LinkedIn™ Groups within your industry or general interest
  • Master utilizing Pulse and curating, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly blogs
  • Proper etiquette requesting recommendations and moderating endorsements


collegeSpeaking Engagements at Colleges and Universities 

Cheryl’s Creative Services offers a special college presentation geared precisely for students and faculty staff members. Cheryl will touch upon the following areas: the importance of having a clean online presence, reasons why all students need a LinkedIn™ profile, LinkedIn™ updates, networking and building relationships with students and professors.


High school

Speaking Engagements at High School and Private Schools

Cheryl’s Creative Services offers a special high school presentation familiarizing students and faculty staff members the fundamentals of LinkedIn™. Cheryl strongly believes in educating students for LinkedIn™ while attending high school especially, for juniors and seniors. Current studies are demonstrating college admission offices are currently looking at student LinkedIn™ profiles.  An article from the New York Times™ “ New Item on the College Admission Checklist: LinkedIn Profile. 

Cheryl will introduce the following areas:

  • Importance of having a clear concise clean online profile
  • The purpose of having a LinkedIn™ profile
  • Showcasing student essays demonstrating their writing abilities
  • Learn how to use University finder


alumniEducating and Training Alumni

Cheryl’s Creative Services offers a presentation introducing LinkedIn™ precisely for alumni and faculty staff members. Alumni will learn how to navigate LinkedIn™ connecting or reconnecting with high school and college alumni. Cheryl truly enjoys educating alumni’s. She finds it very gratifying when people have the opportunity to communicate with each other again after many years of gaps.