Why Use Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns?

“Direct marketing method in which carefully targeted prospects (chosen on the basis of age, income, location, profession, buying pattern, etc.) are presented with custom tailored offers for goods or services via ordinary mail or email. Marketing firms usually ‘rent’ lists of prospects from mailing list compiling firms who maintain a large inventory of names and addresses of prospects, divided into hundreds of categories and sub-categories.” Credit Resource: www.businessdictionary.com/definition/direct-mail

Strategies for Direct Mail

  • Define your target audience.
  • Opportunity to gain more exposure with new clusters of consumers.
  • What is your marketing budget?
  • Set realistic achievable goals.
  • Promotional offers (depending on the industry).
  • Connecting with people as a personal touch.
  • Cost Effective (utilizing bulk mail).
  • Ability to reach a widespread demographic with a defined target audience.
  • Tangible item for consumers.
  • Include helpful tips for consumers. A great to keep your brand in front of the consumers.
  • General guidelines 40/40/20 Rule (40% your favorable results will come from how effective your mailing list is and target audience. 40% will determine how compelling your offer is going to be (depending on your industry) 20% will originate from everything else such as design of the postcards or menus, copy and text of the mailings, quality of the images and chosen delivery date.